Lowlove is gestopt en wordt sinds eind 2015 niet meer bijgewerkt.
Je kunt nog wel gewoon alle oude artikelen lezen en onder Historie rondneuzen en nagenieten van de vorige edities van Lowlands. Wil je meer weten, kun je hier verder lezen.

9 blokkenschematips voor de Brit

Waar ga je heen op Lowlands? Als je zoals ons bent, ken je hooguit de helft van de bevestigde namen en kun je dus wel wat hulp gebruiken bij het ontdekken. Vandaar dat we dit jaar voor allerlei soorten Lowlanders tips geven. Deze week: de Brit.

What are you gonna see at the Lowlands festival? If you’re like us, you know half of the booked acts, at best. So — you can use some help discovering. That’s why this year we give all kinds of Lowlanders some of our recommendations. This week: the British.

You are

One of the 122 followers of the – indeed hugely successful – Official Lowlands UK Twitter account. The most classy piece of clothing you have is a Chelsea away kit which happens to be black. You get a sunburn every time it’s more than 12 degrees out. You’re quite skilled in forming an orderly queue, which is a nice quality to have at a festival – but, unfortunately, that’s all out the window once you’ve downed your third pint. Which basically means you’re done at around 10:30 AM. Rat arsed, loaded and shitfaced. As per protocol.

You’re looking for

Some tea, thanks. Other than that: bands from your own country. Because, come on, who brought the world The Beatles and The Stones, Oasis and the Arctic Monkeys? So, anything from London, Liverpool, Manchester, Fannyfield, Ramsbottom or Giggleshire will do. And you need exactly none of those American tossers.

You can go see

Lots. No Muse or Coldplay (they’ve kind of outgrown this cute little mini-Glastonbury), but a good 43 other acts are coming in from the UK. Here’s some of them.

The list

Years & Years – Desire

These Years and Years-tunes will characterize the summer of ’15. There’s hit song ‘King’, and there’s little brother ‘Desire’.

Benjamin Clementine – Condolence

Blimey, that voice. Will be at the beginning of the set list, this one.

Hot Chip – Huarache Lights

Also one of the first ones in the set, so make sure to be on time.

Lianne La Havas – Unstoppable

The newest single from the girl who got her breakthrough in ’12.

Bad Breeding – Age of Nothing

All the way from Stevenage, Hertsfordshire. We reckon it can’t get any more British than that. Also, this one’s for jumping around.

Django Django – Hail Bop

Most likely the second song in the set, right after the intro. So buy your mates a round and head over.

Shura – 2Shy

Millenialized version of an eighties love song. Would have ended up on the Love Actually soundtrack, would that film have been made this year.

James Bay – Hold Back the River

You will of course be looking forward to Bay’s breakthrough hit ‘Hold Back the River’, which will be played at the end of his set, but he’s quite likely to do this one right before. An Alicia Keys cover. (We realize she’s American, but that’s allowed, right?)

The Chemical Brothers – Block Rockin’ Beats

Golden oldie, band and song. Doesn’t mean its gotten less good. It’s going to be one of the last concerts of the day, so try to stand upright.

Andere suggesties voor wat de Brit moet gaan zien? De reacties staan open.

We maakten eerder blokkenschematips voor de man met baard en emoties en de hitjeswachter.

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  1. geezer

    ik mis toch wel de DMA’s in dit lijstje

  2. ron

    DMA’s, de beste Australische band uit de UK ;-)

  3. Julius

    Als ze op het moment ergens dol op zijn in de UK, dan is het Slaves wel! Lekker beuken

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